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picture:Alter ego picture: Appeasing picture: Without title picture: Pitiable Pierrot picture: Depression
picture: Magma picture: The madness picture: The violin soul picture: The death of the swan picture: Ghost town
picture: Red and black picture: The inside of life picture: The sleep picture: Drowned in a glass picture: The souk
picture: Metamorphosis picture: Relics of the dreams picture: To live again picture: Evening of summer picture: The piano
 picture: La ligne bleue picture: Sections of live picture: Heart break picture: The Africain night picture: Nanouche
picture: The small beast picture: Night tribulations pictire: Vomic strip picture: Homage to Fellini picture: The opened book
picture: Mask picture: Chatters picture: Day of rain picture: Gruissan in the desert imagen: La mujer cucaña
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